Live the life you tell your kids is possible

Happiness requires a set of skills. You can learn them. You can teach them.

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courses and resources to help you develop the skills you need for an intentionally happy life

Most of us hope our children will end up healthy, wealthy and happy. Yet the habits we teach them through our own behaviour often point them in the opposite direction.

We hope they'll have great lives but, in order for them to have such lives, they will have disregard a lot of what they've learned from us.

What if there was a better way? A way in which you could build the life of your dreams and you teach your children how to use the same skills to create the life of their dreams?

intentional happiness

It takes clarity, effort and commitment to create a life that brings you contentment every day.

Big Happy Life offers you the training and tools you need to gain clarity and take purposeful action to create and live a life you love.

Instead of hoping your kids will live a happier life than, why not build a happier life and teach them how you did it?

Your happy life in 3 steps

Learn techniques for accepting yourself and others. Claim responsibility for your happiness and your future.

Uncover your values, work out what you want and why you want it. Get clear on what you're up against and develop a plan that feels rewarding every day rather than attaching your happiness to some future goal.

Set up habits that allow you to make daily progress towards becoming the person you need to be to live a life you love.