Live the life you tell your kids is possible

Happiness requires a set of skills. You can learn them. You can teach them.

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courses and coaching to help you develop the skills you need for A RICH, FULFILLING LIFE.

Most of us want to be healthy, wealthy and happy. We're full of advice about how to achieve those things and we share that advice freely with our kids but very few of us shape our everyday habits in ways that create that sort of life.

We stay stuck, feel trapped and see all the reasons why we can't do the things we dream about. Big Happy Life helps you change that. Instead of hoping for something better, you'll see how to take charge of your life and shape it into something you love so much, you'd be happy for your kids to copy it.

intentional Living

"We become what we think about most of the time and that's the strangest secret."
Earl Nightingale
Author and Motivational Speaker

A fulfilling life is rarely a matter of luck. It takes clarity, commitment and strength.

Knowing yourself and your values

Few of us take the time to really learn about ourselves and truly explore our values, beliefs and habits so we’re able to make conscious choices about how to use them or shape them.

When you choose to build a fulfilling life, the first step is to gain clarity. 

Staying committed to your priorities

As parents, most of us say our children are our priority but how many of us genuinely live that way? Our fears about money, status, our own “not-enough-ness” and a whole host of other things drive our choices.

A fulfilling life involves shedding those fear-based choices and living our lives so our actions align with our deepest commitments.

Topping up our mental and physical energy daily

There is a really strong link between our internal world (our beliefs and values etc.) and our external world (our environment and other people). 

Experiencing a fulfilling life involves being intentional about shaping both our internal and external worlds in ways that promote mental and physical health – and never take these for granted. Daily habits make all the difference!