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Online: Webinars and Mini Courses

When it comes to human behaviour, there is no “one size fits all”. The Big Happy Life programs will change lives and rock worlds. The programs in this section are designed to help you work out whether that is true for your life and your world.

Everything you find in this section is free of charge. Take as many courses as you like. Join as many webinars as you like and if you want to delve into any of the subjects in more detail or gain support in person, have a look at the Online Masterclasses or click here to see our upcoming program of Workshops and Retreats.

Online: masterclass Courses

A new masterclass is added every month, with each focusing on habits relevant to a specific area of your life , including health, career, business, health, mental health, relationships, parenting, finances, spirituality and many more.

We recommend starting with the “Team You” masterclass as this teaches you the fundamentals of treating your conscious mind, subconscious mind and body like a team. Doing this helps you prepare to embed any of the other habits in your life with greater ease .

In person: Workshops

Workshops offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the masterclass content. They provide an opportunity to ask questions in person, practice and gather feedback from a trained facilitator. Workshops are a great way to network, meet like-minded people and learn in an environment specifically geared towards helping you learn and embed new habits.


Learn how to turn your conscious mind, subconscious mind and body into a team so you feel strong, energetic and resilient in everyday life and in your efforts to achieve your big goals.


Most of us know how to take care of our physical health and hygiene on a day to day basis but few of us know how to do this when it comes to our mental health. This workshop teaches you a range of daily habits for strong mental health.