Coaching for habit change

Discover calls are 30 – 45 minute calls where you can tell me about yourself and ask me about how I work. They will help you decide whether or not I’m the right coach for you and give me a sense of whether (and how) I can help you make the changes you want to make.

Discover your Actual Core Values

If you have a list of core values, chances are you have at least 1 or two "Aspirational core values". These are things you want to value but, when push comes to shove, you make choices in another direction.

goal setting and planning

With my "Habit Cube", I'll take you through the process of designing your life and planning the activities you'll need to create it the way you want it. Using that information, we'll look at the everyday habits of thought and action you'll need in order to enjoy the process of achieving your goals so you feel happier while you're achieving them and not just once they're done.

Discover personal patterns

Using a series of psychological tools and metrics, we'll explore the patterns in your beliefs and behaviour and how those affect your life situation - and your feelings about your life overall

Shaping your network and environment

If you've ever failed to meet a goal you set for yourself, it's likely you've judged you've thought you lacked willpower, had bad luck or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We'll look at the interactions between you, you're environment and your peer group make a difference to luck, willpower, motivation and possibilities - and we'll identify how to shape those areas in your life so they make positive contributions to your success and happiness.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Below you’ll find 3 ways to work with me on a one-to-one basis. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, book a free discovery call to help you make your decision.


Per month

(Billed Annually)

  • 1 x 60 minute coaching session per month
  • 3 check in calls
  • Unlimited emails


Coaching package

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions booked flexibly
  • 3 check in calls per month
  • Unlimited emails


MBTI Assessment & Coaching Session

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Profile
  • 1 x 60 minute MBTI Interpretation Session
  • 1 x 60 minute coaching session