Becoming the master of your life and your emotions requires just one thing.
The ability to master your mind.

If I asked you to point to your mind, you’d likely point to your head but, despite years of study and research, scientists have yet to definitively locate the mind. That’s what makes it so interesting. The concept of the mind seems to exist only in our minds, which explains why ‘mastering your mind’ can feel like you’re trying to hold smoke in your hands. 

Mastering your mind requires a blend of art and science. It’s a mix of ‘doing’ and ‘allowing it to happen’. There’s a balance and a flow to this mastery. That’s why it helps to have someone by your side to guide you as you find your own unique blend and balance. It allows you to experience mastery faster, with greater ease and at much higher levels.

Mastering your mind - Your 50%

Years ago, whilst training a course on Assertiveness, a phrase popped into my head, “Use your 50%.” I explained that in every adult-adult relationship, you hold 50% of the power and 50% of the responsibility for the quality of the relationship. You can never claim full power or responsibility for another person’s choices or actions but you have full power over and responsibility for your own – and when you use your 50% wisely and intentionally, you have the capacity to influence what happens with the other 50%. 

When all of your focus is on what the other person is doing or not doing, you give away your 50% and become powerless to bring about change. 

I believe this is true everywhere else in life too. 

I don’t believe 100% is in our control. I don’t believe people choose things like slavery, slums, childhood cancer, abuse or concentration camps for themselves. I believe those experiences lie in the other 50% – but when we use our 50% we CAN influence our experience of the world and what happens within it with such immense power that it can feel as though we hold the full 100%.

Mastering out minds is the key to claiming this power.  

Want to talk about your life and how you wish to master your own mind?

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