To alcohol Freedom

And beyond!

Helping you move past alcohol towards the future you want.

health. wealth. love. happiness.

Would you like to...

These are the most common outcomes people experience when they quit drinking.

How will your life change when these things change for you?

Not ready to quit yet?

Join my "To Alcohol Freedom and Beyond" Facebook Group

In the group, you’ll find challenges, free courses,  content and ideas to kickstart your alcohol free mindset so you feel ready to quit when you feel the time is right. 

You’ll also be able to ask questions (anonymously if you prefer) and gather support.

Coaching Programs

One to one coaching

Exclusive packages, tailored so the content fits around youto suit your needs.

3 areas of focus

in a package

We focus on 3 areas:

  1. Mindset – there are more than a dozen elements to mindset and we work to optimise all of them.
  2. Skillset – changing things in your life requires you to develop and use new skills. Our work will help you figure out where to place your focus and how to develop the habits you need to achieve success.
  3. Heartset – this is the magic bullet! It’s about harnessing the intuition and intelligence you hold within you that brings the mind and emotions into balance, giving you a sense of wholeness, peace and ease.

Everyone has a unique Mindset-Skillset-Heartset so a one-to-one coaching package is built around you.
No matter what’s going on for you right now and where you are in your alcohol free journey, we start from there and build towards the future you map out in our early sessions together.

How it works

from enquiry to booking

Here’s how things unfold when you work with me.

We start with a chat

We have 30-45 minutes to talk about your goals and where you are now, in relation to those goals and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

You decide whether it's right for you

Finding the right coach is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. You feel the comfort and you know. If I’m that coach for you, we move forward. 

we build your package and get to work

Depending on the depth of support you require, packages range from 2 to 6 months. Once we’ve mapped out your ideal package, we’ll get started.

Group Coaching Programs

These Coaching Programs offer a mix of recorded content and live calls.

Still Me
just free

This program takes you deep into the heart of your beliefs, values and identity, strengthening the resources you need to free yourself from alcohol.

my big
zero proof life

Only available to those who are ready to quit drinking completely for a minimum of 6 months, this program is all about up levelling your life whilst breaking free from alcohol.


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