Feel Good Being You.
Live happily.
Teach Your Kids How To Do The Same.

Instead of hoping our kids make better choices than we’re making, let’s show them what’s possible by doing it ourselves. 

If you’re where I was 4 years ago, you’re overwhelmed and feeling depressed and lost. You wake up in the morning staring down the barrel of a another day full of commitments, pressure and chances to let yourself down.

If you’re where I was 2 years ago, your life is ok. On a good day, you’d say your life is good. But there aren’t that many good days. You get stressed easily, you’re irritated by your kids even though they’re ‘just being kids’, and you desperately wish you could become the parent you thought you’d be. And you’re tired. So tired. 

Four years ago, I didn’t talk about how I felt. I was too ashamed. I had just adopted my children and life was meant to be complete. I couldn’t understand how I could “have everything” and feel so desperately low.

When I started making changes and things began to improve, I started talking to people about how I felt. When I talked about feeling stressed, irritated and a bit ‘meh’, most people talked about feeling the same and we’d console ourselves that it was “just life”.

It isn’t just life.

It is our habits. 

Habits create the Tides

I took years to learn how to take control of my life because I failed to practice habits that would allow me to do so.

Now that I know the habits to practice, I don’t need life (or myself) to be perfect for it to feel wonderful.

When life feels like a battle, I guarantee most of the battles you’re fighting are with yourself. The key to unlocking your happy life is found in learning habits that bring harmony inside you. 

When you have energy and great mental health, your happy life magically appears before your eyes. You change how you think, how you feel and what you do and things just become easier – even when they’re not. 

Teaching you the Habits you Need

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

As the parent of adopted children, my kids’ mental health has featured more heavily than anything else in my mind.

When I realised I didn’t actually know how to help them develop true resilience, inner strength and happiness, I realised it was because I didn’t really know how to do those things for myself – and that’s why I ended up having so many dark days and a diagnosis of depression.

Now I understand the habits well enough to help my kids practice them too. 

But knowing them and practicing them are two different things and that’s where coaching comes in.

Big Happy Life offers both – training to teach you about the habits you need and coaching to help you implement them.

From there, you can become the parent you always wanted to be, life the life you always imagined you’d life and give your kids the gift of extraordinary personal power and the ability to rise above whatever life throws at them. 

Change your habits, change your life.

Change your life, change your legacy.