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transformative Coaching for adoptive and birth parents

who want to

overcome limiting patterns & become empowering role models for their kids

change your habits. change your life. change your legacy.

**New Group Program**

Prison to Prism

Live, work and Parent in Full Colour


This program is for you if you’re feeling trapped in the life that was meant to make you happy – experiencing low mood, low energy and a general “is this it?” feeling you can’t shake.

Prison to Prism will help you break free from old patterns, limiting beliefs and stale ways of living and provide you with the keys to transform you energy, motivation and purpose.

Reconnect with that excitement you used to feel and ignite the potential you’ve always felt bubbling inside you.

The program is currently open to founding members – those who want to be the very first people to experience it – and the bonuses included are INCREDIBLE!! 

Don’t miss your chance to claim one of the 8 spots available.

One to one coaching

Exclusive packages, tailored to suit your needs.

Sometimes you need undivided attention and expert help to guide you through life’s tough stuff.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or lost but you KNOW you have more inside you that’s trying to find its way out, it can be transformative to have someone by your side helping you connect with the strongest, most resourceful and positive parts of yourself so you can transcend the limits that previously held you back.


How it works

from enquiry to booking

Here’s how things unfold when you work with me.

Discovery call

30-45 minutes to talk about you, your life so far and your relationship with your kids. You share what you’re happy about as well as the things you’d like to change and we discuss whether or not I am the right person to help you make those changes.

You Decide

At the end of our call, if we’ve agreed that we’re a good fit, you decide if you’d like to go ahead and work with me. 

We get started

I use a variety of tools, techniques and modalities to help you achieve results, including: NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and HeartHealing® – one of the worlds newest and most powerful healing techniques specifically used to address low self-worth, lack of self-trust or self-acceptance and feelings of not being good enough.


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