Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

“Our outer world of form and experience is a reflection of our inner world of thought and feelings.”

John Randolph Price

If your inner world is in turmoil, one of the easiest places to start is by getting your outer world in order. In this podcast episode, best-selling author and professional organiser, Louise Simpson, shares her tips and advice to help us manage our space a bit better so we can manage our lives a bit better.

About Louise

Louise Simpson is a Professional Organiser and Coach who helps people get more time and space for the things they really want in life.

In order to help as many people as possible, she is offering 50% off virtual sessions whilst the UK is in Lockdown (a downside of lockdown coming to an end? Best act quickly before you miss out!) 

Virtual sessions with Louise are a great way to get started on your journey to living a more organised life and to tackle the key challenges for you right now. She offers a free introductory call too! Website details below.

In this episode

1:30 The Importance of helping your future self

Louise explains how taking care of little niggles in your environment can make a big difference to mood and stress levels.

2: 50 Visual Noise

Did you know your eyes pick up noise too?!

5.30 When is tidying procrastination and when is it productive?

We get a really useful answer to this age-old question.

8.00 Judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to others

We talk about how we look at our friends’ homes and judge ourselves for being less ‘on top of things’ than they are.

9.00 Making choices about what’s important to you 

We can do anything but we can’t to everything. If we want to stop judging ourselves, we have to start making peace with the choices we make.

9.50 How do I get my kids to tidy?!

I found this part of the conversation super helpful! Louise offers some great tips to help organise the house so it’s easier for the kids to help and also suggests some ways to get them involved.

14.30 The importance of asking for help

So many mothers take it upon themselves to keep the house and life together. But what if we turn our families into teams? What if we all help?

15.50 The effect of your environment on your identity

How you take care of your space can shape the stories you believe about yourself. Making a few small changes to how you organise things can make a big difference to how you see yourself and feel about yourself.

17.00 Just closing the door

We talk about that dreaded room…

17.40 Consumerism

As part of the dreaded room conversation, we talk about the effect of consumerism on our homes. Buying more stuff can make things so much worse. Good news for the bank account!

19.00 Keeping things when we’d do better to let them go

Louise explains that sometimes we’re reluctant to get rid of things but we’d feel so much better if we did. 

23.00 How our stories shape how we live

Here we went a little deeper into the reasons people sometimes believe they simply can’t be tidy or organised.

24.20 Mindset and decluttering

Why it’s better to have guidance but to do a good amount of the work yourself rather than have someone do it all for you.

26.30 Organising space for a child with sensory needs

I asked for tips that may be of use to parents of children who struggle to manage sensory stimulation. Louise offered some tips and a really positive way to consider what to place in the space.

29.30 A tip to get you started

My last question to Louise was, “What is the one piece of advice you’d offer to people who want to organise their space but can’t figure out where to start?”

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