Energy and your wellbeing – restoring flow

This week’s podcast is a bit of a departure from the usual topics I talk about. Energy is a new topic for me and it shows! I clearly have a lot to learn.

My guest this week is Sonia Norman, founder of Restore U.

About Sonia

Sonia is a Holistic Therapist trained in AcuEnergetics, a Meditation Teacher and also a Sound Practitioner. She likes to look at her clients whole picture and their journey so far to see how best her modalities can assist their bodies to release, restore and re-new.

Our Conversation

Sonia shares her story and explains how AcuEnergetics helped her manage her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis as well as the emotions she experienced on receiving the diagnosis.

She talks about how the symptoms first manifested at a time when she was highly stressed and struggling to cope and how she has learned to balance her energies to maintain balance in her wellbeing.


Naturally, I had to ask Sonia what AcuEnergetics is. I had no idea!

She gives an overview of the therapy and explains how it came to be.

The Proof that it works

Sonia had always been sceptical about AcuEnergetics, even when she decided to train to become a therapist. It took just one evening to show her she was onto something that worked.

Learning to listen to and understand your body

Meditation plays a big part in AcuEnergetics because it helps you learn the language of your body. Sonia talks about how many of us wait for much bigger signs that something is wrong before we do anything about it.

The practices that make up AcuEnergetics help us to listen to our bodies more closely and respond to signals much sooner.

Menopause and Energy

As someone who has reached that point in life where hormones are once again doing freaky things, I was really interested in talking to Sonia about the role of energy in things like menopause and hormone balance.

In this part of the conversation, she talks us through a program she’s running called, “Press Pause on Menopause“. Definitely one to take a look at if you’re at that point in life too.

Habits leading to stuck energy

We talk about the habits people have that can add pressure to their lives and affect energy in the body.

How to connect with Sonia

Click here to access Sonia’s website as well as the fantastic programs she spoke about on the podcast, including Press Pause on Menopause and her Mindfulness and Meditation Program

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