Healing yourself so you can thrive in business and in life – with Natasha Bray

What a huge pleasure it was to talk to Natasha Bray this week! Natasha is a Success Mastery coach for high achievers and rising leaders and has worked with thousands of women across the globe.

She is the creator of Success Imprinting(TM), which is her unique multi-dimensional approach to transformation that creates rapid and permanent change for her clients.

In this episode, I talk to Natasha about all things healing – what it means to heal yourself, the changes you can expect as a result of doing that healing work and how, as parents, we can help ensure our children experience the world in empowering and inspiring ways. 

In this Episode

1.07 About Natasha and her work.

Natasha explains a bit about what she does and who she helps.

4.05 What sorts of things most commonly show up as blockers?

This part of our conversation gave me a new perspective on early life experiences and the kinds of things that show up later in our lives as blockers to our happiness or success.

Natasha explains that it’s not our experiences so much as the feelings we’re left with that later block us from moving forward in the ways we desire. 

I found this wonderfully empowering because, of course, there’s nothing we can do to change the experiences we’ve had but, where feelings are concerned, there is much more we can do.

5.30 Unworthiness, 'not-enoughness' and other feelings that block us.

Feeling like we’re not enough is common among women – and men, to be fair. That feeling can show up in so many different areas of life. It shows up in the way we manage romantic relationships, work, business, relationships with friends, our kids and even our relationships with ourselves.

6.13 How does healing change things?

Natasha shares a bit more of her story and talks about how she previously struggled to stay in romantic relationships for more than 18 months. When she met her fiancé, she knew this was a relationship she wanted to make last and she started doing the deep inner work she needed to do to free herself from old patterns. What she hadn’t anticipated was the transformational effect this healing would have on all the other areas of her life.

Her business skyrocketed, her friendships changed, she connected with her son in a new way and she felt completely different about herself.

9.00 Habits for Healing

As so much of my work is about habits, I was naturally curious about Natasha’s habits and how she maintains mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

She talked about habits to build the mindset you want, such as gratitude and affirmations and she mentioned a journal she loves to use – The 5-minute Journal. She also talked about the value of habits such as exercise to maintain physical health and practices that help her maintain spiritual health. 

11.50 Connecting to your spiritual side

From habits, we went on to talk about some of the spiritual practices Natasha enjoys. 

By awakening to her spiritual side, Natasha was able to heal far more deeply and think in new ways about traumatic experiences from her childhood.

13.00 Growing and Learning from experiences

We talked about the value of reframing your experiences and how a connection to something more spiritual – either within yourself of through something you believe in – can create that new frame.

It is not always possible to do this work on your own but therapists, coaches, healers and other practitioners can often help.

16.44 Post Traumatic Growth

This was a completely new concept to me.

Natasha explained that post traumatic growth happens when the person experiences some sort of personal growth or positive outcome following an experience of trauma.

I did a little more reading on this topic after our conversation and it’s utterly fascinating. Here is an article published in Scientific American to get you started if you’re interested.

18.40 Where to start if you're new to alternative therapies / healing

Hypnosis is one of the key tools Natasha uses in her practice and it’s one of the foundational tools she recommends if you’re just starting out and want to dip your toe in the water.

19.30 What is healing? What's involved?

Admittedly, I got to this question quite late in the conversation!

Natasha explains that blockers can show up in our lives in multiple ways – in our businesses, our relationships, our mental and emotional health, our parenting styles and all kinds of other places. Healing involves finding the root cause of the block and, first, understanding it at an intellectual level. But the intellectual level is just the first piece of the puzzle.

True healing, explains Natasha, happens at a relational and emotional level. 

21. 50 What results can you expect from doing this sort of healing work?

You’ll feel changes within yourself but you’ll also see results outside you as things around you begin to change. You start seeing validating signs in your life as your thought processes, feelings and behaviours change.

24.00 How to pass on healing habits and mindsets to our children

Here, we talked about the 5 Love Languages – acts of service, gifts, quality time, physical touch and words. Natasha mentioned a book called, “The five love languages of children” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell and talked about how this book helped her think about how she expresses her love to her son and how she teaches him about what love means. 

We talked about how feelings of unworthiness and other blockers often manifest when parents express love in ways that don’t match their child’s preferred love language. 

I ordered the book shortly afterwards and it’s next in the queue on my reading list!

28.00 Is Natasha's service only for business owners?

With so many amazing benefits to come from healing, I wanted to find out whether Natasha only works with business women or whether anyone can benefit from her services.

Essentially, since the effects of her work will be felt in every area of your life, there is no requirement for you to be a businesswoman. That said, Natasha explains that her prices are high and that’s one of the reasons that most of her clients are businesswomen. 

If you’d like to benefit from Natasha’s healing therapies but don’t feel ready to invest at that level, she says contact her anyway. She has trained many therapists to use her practices and can put you in touch with the right therapist for you.

31.00 What's the one thing Natasha recommends you do if you're just starting out?

Once again, Natasha recommends The 5-minute Journal.  As it requires very little time commitment and is under £30, it’s a great way to focus your mind and energy.

I bought one after our conversation and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I love it! It’s really helped me see the patterns between my intentions and my actions and it’s helped me become more purposeful in my decisions each day. 

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