Getting Gorgeous – with Adele Stickland

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This week, I had the great pleasure of talking to Adele Stickland, founder and owner of Get Gorgeous and author of international best seller, “Get Gorgeous” as I continued my search for answers to the question, ‘How good is it possible to feel?’


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Adele Stickland BSc (hons) 
Coaching clients to great vitality & health 

ICF Accredited Coach

I:    Instagram – for motivation and help with your health, she posts all the latest nutritional tips and information.
w: – to work with Adele or attend one of her wonderful retreats in Greece or Spain.
YT: YouTube Pilates Channel – for weekly pilates updates and regular workouts.

Adele shares some great tips and insights and also offers challenges for those of us who are still getting in our own way when it comes to feeling our best. 

What I learned from Adele

Your beliefs make all the difference

In my pursuit to understand how good it’s possible to feel, Adele taught me that my beliefs play an enormous role in the answer. Although this is something I know, the conversation with Adele helped shine a light on some beliefs that may still be holding me back. If you’re aiming to look and feel your best, you’ll likely find some great tips, advice and thoughtful challenges in this episode.

The answer is as unique as you are

How good is it possible to feel?

According to Adele, the answer is unique to each person. She taught me that attempting to find some sort of utopian ideal may be part of the problem because it sets up unrealistic expectations and causes us to feel as though we’re failing or deficient in some way. 

In order to feel our best, we have to learn about ourselves and do what nourishes us. We have to accept ourselves and work with the gifts we have – because each of us has MANY amazing gifts. When we free ourselves to be who we are and nourish our minds and bodies, we’re far more likely to feel our best. 

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