Mastering the Mind – Resilience

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This week, I’m taking a short break from the “How good is it possible to feel?” series and returning to the main three goals of the podcast:

  1. Helping us feel in control
  2. Helping us weather the tough stuff
  3. Helping us behave in ways that make us great role models for our kids

This week’s topic is Mind Mastery, with specific focus on resilience.

Whilst listening to Feel Better, Live More, Episode 185, I learned there are two types of resilience. Understanding this gave me a new perspective on how to become more resilient and on the role this plays in our ability to master our minds.

Mind Mastery

Put simply, we master our minds when wee recognise that our thoughts are not facts or truth. They are options.

When we master our minds, we learn to do several things:

  1. See more options
  2. Realise when we’re offering ourselves unhelpful options
  3. Shape the options we present to ourselves

The more we do this, the easier it is to become resilient in the face of difficult things.

Two types of Resilience

Systemic Resilience

This is the resilience you bring to the ‘fight’.¬†

I believe it can be built.

These 3 practices have help me. I recommend them to my clients and they have also found these practices to work well for them:

  1. Finding source material that changes your perspective and opens your mind.
  2. Meditation – so you learn to see and expand the distance between you and your thoughts.
  3. Breath work Рlinks to useful resources below 

Useful Links

Podcast about 60-minute retreats
Breath work links

Evolution of Dave – YouTube Channel

Breath by James Nestor – Book

The Oxygen Advantage – Book

Wim Hof Method – YouTube Channel

Wim Hof Method – Book

(There is also an app for the Wim Hof method. I use it 5 – 6 times a week)

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