Why your healthy diet might not be healthy for YOU

In this episode, I talk about a test I did, called a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. The results showed that my body is struggling to work well on my current diet and, if I want to have more energy and experience more stable moods, I’d do well to make some changes.

I feel as though this mineral check report has provided me with answers I’d never have found on my own. I thought I was doing everything right. I ate so many healthy foods and if I felt rubbish, I’d eat more of those foods. Of course there were other, less healthy foods in my diet that I knew weren’t doing much good but again, I didn’t realise I was eating them at levels that were high enough to make a difference.

Now I understand so much more about my body and what’s happening within it right now and that information has given me both the motivation and the conviction to make the necessary changes.

If you’re interested in completing a mineral check for yourself, you can order your test kit from Mineralcheck.com for £69. The results are emailed to you about 10 days later.

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