The Energy Codes – with Lisa Archer

In this episode

I talk to Mindset Coach, Lisa Archer about her choice of life-changing book, The Energy Codes by Dr Sue Morter.

We talk about the lessons offered in the book as well as our thoughts and experiences within the world of energy. This episode is great if you’re just opening up to the world of energy and aren’t yet sure what you think

The book is phenomenal in its explanation of how energy works and how to bring energy practices into your everyday life. 

An absolute MUST READ for improving your relationship with yourself and freeing yourself from the trappings of the mind and its stressful narrative.

About Lisa

Lisa helps female business owners transform the blocks keeping them stuck, so they can create the time, freedom and success they desire – without creating more overwhelm. 


The Energy Codes - Dr Sue Morter

As someone new to the world of energy, I found this book more helpful than anything I have read previously.

It moves you beyond the theory and intellectual understanding of the concept to practices that embody more effective energy flow.

The practices require regular and habitual use to have lasting effects but they are simple to follow, easy to understand and very well explained so if you have an analytical mind or you’re doubtful about whether or not the world of energy has much to offer you, I’d highly recommend reading this book.

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