Are you Burning Out?

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This week, I had the great pleasure of speaking to Dr Tami Berry, a former surgeon whose experience with burnout led her to change the course of her career and her life. 

Dr. Tami is now an internationally recognised Resilience Expert & Life Coach, helping purpose-driven people learn how to transform stress into fuel for renewed energy, confidence and joy.  Her experience with burnout led her to dedicate her life to researching and pioneering a process for building stress resilience that allows her clients to transform high-level stress into a powerful force for creating a life they love.


I learned so much from my conversation with Dr Tami but everything was underpinned by one fascinating fact:

Burnout has 3 hallmarks.

I didn’t know that.

If you are burnt out, you’ll experience all 3 of the hallmarks.

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Inability to perform the functions of your role (be that a role at work/ as a parent or carer etc. or a combination of many roles)
  3. Feeling that somehow YOU are at fault

I learned that the third hallmark – believing you are at fault – is a key element of burnout. Prior to that, you may be over-extended but burnout happens when you turn on yourself.

In light of everything I know – and share with my own clients – about the relationship we have with ourselves, this was fascinating to me and really helped me see how stress can escalate rapidly if we’re not able to soothe ourselves or meet life’s challenges with compassion.

Contacting Dr Tami

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