Can ‘problem drinkers’ ever drink in moderation?

In this episode

This week I share my answer to the question as to whether or not ‘problem drinkers’ can ever drink in moderation.

The short answer?


IF – and it’s a BIG if…

They are mindful and conscious of their emotions and the triggers to drink and they’re willing to return to abstinence when they feel old temptations to numb emotions with alcohol.

The long answer

For anyone who has developed a habit of managing emotions such as frustration, powerlessness, boredom, overwhelm and stress (among many others) with alcohol, the tendency to return to such numbing may always lie in the background – largely because it’s WAY easier to have a drink than it is to do the emotional work we must each do when we face tough stuff in our lives.

As someone who makes a living by helping people navigate their thoughts and emotions and empower themselves, I spend a LOT of time reflecting on my emotions so I am usually happy to do this deep inner work when situations arise that require me to do it. 

But even so, I sometimes fall prey to emotional numbing and, as a moderate drinker, this is something I have to monitor religiously. If I ever find myself in situations where I knowingly choose alcohol over my emotional health, I return to abstinence for a period of time. 

What does that mean for you?

If you’re worried about how much you’re drinking and you want to drink in moderation, I would first recommend a period of abstinence. 

For my clients, I recommend a minimum of 100 days of abstinence if your ultimate goal is moderation. That’s because you need enough time to train your emotional responses, learn your triggers and allow your identity the space and time it needs to shift from being ‘a drinker’ to being someone who can EASILY go without alcohol.

Only when the idea of going without alcohol becomes EASY to bear is it safe to attempt moderation.

In my case, it took 2 years to arrive at that point – and I repeatedly abstain for long periods of time to ensure I maintain that feeling of ease and power. 

Would you like to free yourself from alcohol?

If you feel ready to let go of alcohol check out MY SOBER SELF – the new Group Coaching Program starting Next Month. 

This program offers daily training videos, live calls and 1-to-1 coaching to help you get started towards alcohol freedom. 

What if I'm not ready to quit drinking?

That’s ok. 

You can start the program while you’re still drinking and you stop when you’re ready.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not appropriate for those struggling with physical addictions to alcohol that have rendered them unable to function in everyday life. 


I am not a doctor or a clinical psychologist.

The content I share in this episode  – and in the course – is based on my experiences from my own life and from working with clients in a coaching capacity.

Photo by Chris F from Pexels

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