Measuring your wellness – with Evelyn Pacitti

So many of us pride ourselves on being almost super human. We’re mums, business owners, partners, home makers, carers, friends and devoted family members. We show up when and where we’re needed, we help out and keep going no matter how exhausted we get – but at what cost – and what can we do when we no longer have the energy to keep paying?

This week I talk to Evelyn Pacitti, burnout resiliency coach and the founder of Measurable Wellness. In our conversation, Evelyn talks about her multiple experiences of burnout and shares the system she created to manage her energy and wellness more effectively so she continue to excel in her life and career without repeatedly burning out.

Evelyn brings her engineering background to the world of wellness, making something notoriously intangible easier to measure – and therefore easier to manage. Her insights make it possible for all of us to consider the patterns in our lives and the ways in which we might use measures in our own lives to improve our mental, physical and emotional health while continuing to work towards our big goals.

I hope you’ll get as much from this conversation as I did!

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Energy Tanks – Video Explanation

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