Continuous Glucose Monitors – Why every woman over 40 could benefit from using one at least once

Perimenopause is getting a lot of press lately and more of us are getting to grips with what it means for our health, memory and overall experience of life when our hormones begin to decline.

What few people understand, however, is that hormones exist in a sort of symphony – and that symphony is largely conducted by two hormones – insulin and cortisol.

This episode focuses on one of those conductor hormones: insulin.

I share my own experience of using a CGM and what it taught me and I share a little bit about why using a CGM just once for a 30 day period could give you life changing information about your own body and how it processes food.

The monitor I used is the Dexcom G6. *

This is a whistle-stop tour and there’s a lot more to say on the topic but if you want a deeper dive, I’d enourage you to follow @glucosegoddess on Instagram and check out her two books: The Glucose Revolution *  and The Glucose Goddess Method *

What you’ll get in this episode is a little insight into the ways in which a CGM can help you make choices that suit YOUR body so you can lose weight, improve mood, increase energy and achieve a far greater sense of health and wellbeing than simply by following conventional diet advice.

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