The power of mindset in business success – with Kirsty Kamarauskas

What’s more important for a successful business – a good strategy or a powerful mindset?

My guest this week helps answer that question as part of this mini-series about the habits necessary to get your business to that first £100k milestone.

Kirsty is a mum, 7 Figure CEO, Success Mindset Coach & Law Of Attraction Mentor For Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs. Her work is about helping business owners achieve their biggest goals by releasing negative and limiting beliefs they may not even realise are holding them back.

This conversation was incredibly illuminating and helped me understand more about why I’ve struggled to connect with my intuition and why I’ve struggled in the past to consistently implement business strategies.

Kirsty’s depth of knowledge and experience make her a leader in this field and her insights are both inspiring and enormously practical.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this episode holds nuggets that will help get you started.

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