What does it take to make your brain happy?

This week I revisited an old episode of the podcast and added some cool new science I’ve learned in the years since first recording it. Originally titled “Happiness and the Brain”, the episode goes into detail about 4 specific ‘brain chemicals’ and their role in our experience of happiness, contentment and reward.

The 4 chemicals are: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.

This episode is jam packed with information that helps you understand

  • why you feel the way you feel,
  • why things that used to give you pleasure and give you a buzz no longer seem to work,
  • and why you seem to be feeling less and less content even though life is fairly comfortable and nothing is really ‘wrong’.

Links to Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Dr Mindy Pelz book: Fast like a Girl

Dr Mindy Pelz YouTube Video about Dopamine Fasting

Big Happy Life Podcast Episode – Getting Gut Healthy with Hannah Richards

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