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Day 7: Bubbles rippling joy

October 21, 2023

expressing love

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel completely full of love for someone, whether they’re with you at the time or not?

How often do you tell them?

Years ago I read something about always making a point of telling people when these feelings arise.

If this isn’t a practice you regularly do, I’d encourage you to start.

This is probably one of the greatest sources of joy in my life. My husband and I share these feelings with each other so regularly now that we have a shorthand for them. We call them “bubbles”.

For most of us, life is so busy we adopt a “no news is good news” attitude to our relationships and we assume the people we love know that we love them. But knowing you’re loved and feeling loved are not the same thing.

Of course, words aren’t generally enough on their own but they’re a good place to start.

Something I’ve realised in my own life is that the more I express love or appreciation for the people in it, the closer our relationships get and my relationships are, by far, my greatest source of joy.

Practical Implications

Telling someone I’m thinking of them or that I’m grateful for them ALWAYS brings me joy – even though I sometimes feel a little cringe in the mix too. I think I feel the cringe because this practice isn’t common so it feels weird, particularly when you say it to friends.

Yet, it never fails to spark a little love bombing all round, and lets face it, none of us feel worse when someone we care about tells us how much we mean to them.

I am good at expressing these “bubbles” to my husband and kids but less good at expressing them to my parents, other family members and friends. So that’s another commitment I’m making – to make more of an effort to express the joy these people bring into my life and thank them for it.

The fact that it feels weird is not an indication that it IS weird but rather an indication that it’s uncommon and that’s something I’d benefit from changing.

Who were you thinking of when you read this? Do they know how much they mean to you?

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