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Day 54: In recovery

December 7, 2023

A short one today.
I’m in the hospital recovery room after having my colonoscopy – the doc tells me I have a “troublesome” bowel. Too many twists and turns – apparently a problem created by my being “tall and slim”. His words, but I’m embarrassed to say that despite my exposed bottom and the camera shoved in there, I felt flattered by the description! Haha!!

My twisty bowel made the procedure painful and I was literally groaning and panting like an injured bear. How women manage childbirth is beyond me! This was too much!

But the relief when it was all over gave me the perfect moment to reflect on all I’ve learned this week about joyful living. The minute the pain is removed, the feeling of joy floods on alongside relief. So I’m wondering what pains I can remove from my thinking and habits to bring relief more easily and celebrate life more often.

I’m typing this on my phone and it’s not cooperating so I’ll leave it there and get back to writing probably tomorrow.

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