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Day 65: The biggest win so far

December 18, 2023

Underneath everything was a single reason why I started this blog.

I was scared I was a crappy role model with such strict rules for “living a happy life” that I risked making myself and my family miserable.

At the heart of it, this whole thing has been about trying to figure out how to live as a mother whose children want to be around her, confide in her and share their lives with her.

On Day 1, I was scared I wasn’t on the path to creating relationships of that quality. I was just so locked into the need to do everything “right” but I could feel the barriers I was creating, particularly with my daughter.

Today she confided in me about something she found difficult to tell me. In the seven years since we adopted her, this has NEVER happened. She has shared things with me but not in a way that demonstrated real trust or closeness.

Today that changed. She took a huge leap of faith and I was there to catch her.

As an adoptive parent, I don’t get to take the bond with my children for granted, but there is no greater joy than sharing these moments and seeing our connection grow.

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