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Day 68: Recognising Seasons

December 21, 2023

Have you ever noticed how much of the world around us is replicated within us?

What does that have to do with joy?

I think we have seasons too – our moods, energy and productivity run in cycles and when we respect those cycles and honour their purpose, we do well. When we bulldoze through them – trying to create a perpetual summer – things go wrong.

The last couple of days have been low energy days for me.

Although I believe I brought on some of the low energy myself, I also feel a natural slowing down that always comes with this time of year. I have a bazillion things I could/ should be working on but I’m tired, I lack focus and pushing against myself feels like a pointless exercise.

So today, instead of pushing, I honoured my need for rest. I read, wrote, baked and played with my children. It’s been a wonderful day. I feel joyful, grateful and energised.

We can’t live a balanced life without living all the seasons – and once we give each one the space it needs, we can find joy in all of them.

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