About Me


Hi! I’m Natalie Britt.

I spent my life running. Sometimes literally. Running towards goals I thought would make me feel good about myself. Running away from the horrible things I thought and believed about myself.

When I became an adoptive mother, I realised I couldn’t risk my children copying my patterns. Due to their early life experiences, I knew my children needed someone who could offer the kind of nourishing, nurturing love that builds people up.

To do that for them, I had to learn to do it for myself first. That’s when Big Happy Life was born.

As I continue to heal, nourish and nurture myself, I become better at supporting my children and becoming the mum I imagined I’d be before adopting them. My evolution is an ongoing process and I doubt it will ever be complete but my life has gone from one where I struggled with self-judgement, feelings of unworthiness and regular bouts of depression to one where I feel in charge of how I feel, how I live and who I am.

Where before I used to worry about how I might be failing my children, my husband or myself, I now know how to bring out the best in myself and create space for them to do the same. 

Life feels good. I have meaning, purpose and joy and I’m no longer slave to the bouts of depression or the ups and downs of my moods and emotions.

MY big dream

My beliefs

To revolutionise the way we look after ourselves and each other. I want to change how we offer help in workplaces, schools and homes. By bringing out the best in ourselves, we’ll be able to bring out the best in those around us and ultimately change the world.

Big Happy Life is based on four foundational beliefs:

  1. When you feel better you do better – so everything we do together will have that at it’s heart. 
  2. Your life is a collection of habits – to change your life, you must change the habits that no longer serve you.  
  3. Acceptance is the starting point for change. To really make change, we must work with what is not what should or shouldn’t be.
  4. You can do anything but you can’t do everything – the biggest changes will happen once you gain clarity about and what truly matters to you in life. 

How I can help you

My beliefs make me easy to talk to. In our sessions, you will find acceptance, listening and empathy and you’ll feel safe to share thoughts and feelings you might never have expressed before. 

Our conversations will allow you to know yourself in a way you didn’t before and, through that knowing you’ll find new options and new possibilities open up to you.

I will be your strongest supporter, your greatest advocate and the person who always believes in you and your ability to achieve the things you want to achieve or make the changes you want to make. Not only will I stand beside you as you learn, experiment and shape your life, I will help you challenge yourself, smash through limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles and use your voice with power and influence. Your communication with yourself will change and, as a natural progression from there, your communication with others will change too.

When you feel better, you’ll do better in every area of life. You’ll access strength you didn’t realise you possessed, make choices that align with your values and priorities and find joy in and around you every day.

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