About the Founder

Hi! I’m Natalie Britt.

I founded Big Happy Life because, as my life got bigger and more successful, I actually started feeling worse. I felt stressed and overwhelmed, I developed poor self-care habits and, over time, I became more and more depressed.

The point at which my life tipped into that “too big to cope” stage was when my husband and I adopted our two children (then aged 7 and 17 months). I had incredibly high expectations of myself as a parent and the kind of life I was going to create for my children but reality bore no resemblance to my expectations.

Other parents kept telling me it was normal. I heard a lot of, “Nobody’s perfect,” and “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” but the difference with adopted children is that they can’t afford to have parents who’ll admit defeat in the face of challenge. They need parents who will do whatever they need to do to heal themselves, grow as people, develop new skills and change their outcomes. If I couldn’t figure out how to do those things, how was I ever going to help my kids deal with the trauma they had already experienced? 

I worked as a corporate coach and my work involved examining habits and identifying how teams got the results they got – what were they doing without ever really thinking about it and how did those things affect their results? I decided to take the same approach in my own life and discovered there were literally DOZENS of ways I could help myself feel better and therefore help myself do better.

Since starting down this road, I’ve become more like the parent I envisaged. I’m still a work in progress but I continue to make progress and the results are evident in my  relationships with my children.

Along with that, I’ve seen improvements in my health, I’ve lost weight, I’ve managed to start a second company and build it up from the ground. I’m not afraid of trying new things anymore and I know I can trust myself to keep going when things are tough. 

Big Happy Life is my way of sharing what I’ve learned so that you can have the same.

If you’re a parent who feels stuck or lost and you’re desperate to be the kind of role model who can show your kids what it means to live a fulfilled, confident, happy life, I believe Big Happy Life can help. 

I’m quite practical and goal-driven so I like things that work and I like to understand why they work. There’s a lot of ‘woo woo’ stuff out there and quite a lot of it can be helpful, but only if it makes sense and you know what to DO with it. So that’s the approach I take. 

In training courses, I’ll always make sure there are clear actions you can implement and in coaching sessions, we work together until you figure out the decisions and actions that are right for you and I support you through the implementation of those actions. It’s always good having someone in your corner and I would love to be that person for you.

With Big Happy Life, you’ll learn about yourself at a deeper level and you’ll gain strategies that will help you feel better so you can do better and, ultimately, achieve everything you know you’re capable of achieving.


MY mission

My beliefs

To help adoptive parents develop the skills needed for great emotional stability so they can live rich and fulfilling lives and teach their kids how to do the same. 

Big Happy Life is based on three foundational beliefs:

  1. When you feel better you do better – so it makes sense to work on your happiness first
  2. Happiness is a skill – it can be taught, learned and practiced
  3. You can do anything – with the right mindset, the right actions and the right people beside you. 

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