Natalie Britt

Founder of Big Happy Life

 In 2016 my husband and I welcomed our two adopted children into our home and my life was officially ‘complete’.

I had ‘everything’ so I thought I’d feel happy – and for a while, I was. But, soon, the feeling faded, just like it had after every major milestone or success I’d experienced before. The happiness just never seemed to last.

But this time was worse than previous times because now I’d involved innocent children in whatever mess I was making. I felt overwhelmed, lost and useless. 

Quite naturally I ended up in a depression that lasted for months. Things kept getting worse until one morning I woke up and just couldn’t face getting out of bed. I felt utterly trapped. I had to get up for my kids but what use was I to them?

That was the day I remembered who I was and that I had a purpose.

My career until then had been about teaching leaders in organisations to pay attention to their own habits and the habits of their teams so they could figure out how they were creating some of their own problems – and then make changes to start resolving those problems. 

I’ll never know why it took me so long to use my expertise on myself but that day, I started. One by one, over the year that followed, I addressed the habits that were keeping me stuck, depleting my energy and making me unhappy. I enlisted the help of a coach, read everything I could get my hands on, took courses and re-started my 60-minute morning routine to help me start my day with the right mindset. 

I found that changing habits on a personal level was sticky work and required the co-operation of the unconscious mind, the heart and the emotions – that’s where the help of my coach was invaluable and it’s what prompted me to retrain as a Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and HeartHealing practitioner.  Now I’m able to combine the incredible knowledge and experience I gathered in my corporate career with the fantastic healing and therapeutic skills I’ve learned as a coach to help other women change their habits so they can change their lives and be more intentional about the legacy they leave behind.

I’m really looking forward to working with you

My mission & Purpose

The Big Ideas


Starting the ripple effect

I’d love to help 1 million women change their lives and change their legacies. I believe the ripple effect from this work will change many millions more lives.

My Why

The Big Dream

Behaviours and beliefs are learned from one generation to the next. I believe that by helping mums learn to challenge and change their beliefs we can break generational cycles and ultimately create healthier, more open and uplifting families, schools, workplaces and communities.

My Beliefs

Underpinning my work

Two beliefs underpin my work.

1. When people feel better they do better. That’s why everything we do together is aimed at helping you feel better.

2. Your life is a collection of habits. We’ll work on small habits to ultimately help you make big changes.