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Alcohol Freedom

Does this

sound like you?


What's the real reason you've struggled to quit?

These 3 relationships shape your choices around alcohol:

Relationship withYourself

What do you believe about yourself? How do you talk to yourself? What happens when you get stressed, make a mistake, experience a success or just feel like you need a break? The way you talk to yourself plays an enormous role in your decisions about whether or not to drink - and also the strength you have access to when you decide not to drink.

Relationship with Time

Time is an interesting concept - it refers to the seconds and minutes that pass but also to the ways in which we orient ourselves in the world and where we place our attention. Are you driven by thoughts of the past, motivated by visions of the future or firmly oriented in this moment? Where does your mind go when you feel like having a drink and how does that affect your power to align with your goal?

Relationship with your Environment

None of us exists in a vacuum. In fact, the relationship you form with yourself is heavily influenced by the environment in which you grew up. Your family members, friends, teachers and culture have all shaped how you feel about yourself AND how you feel about alcohol, its place in your life and the benefits it offers.

Once your focus shifts away from alcohol and towards these 3 relationships, you instantly increase your power to choose and your power to experience freedom from alcohol, whether you choose to stay teetotal or drink in moderation.

Methods & therapies I use

when we work together

Most of the patterns associated with the 3 relationships are unconscious – so you’ll have little or no conscious awareness of their presence.

My job is to take you on a tour of your unconscious mind, helping you find your patterns and decide which ones to keep and which ones to change in order to free yourself from alcohol.

I do this using a variety of tools.

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NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming

If you’ve ever done any mindset work, you know your thoughts matter. Most of us know it’s important to monitor WHAT we think but few of us monitor HOW we think – and that’s where the magic is. Your thoughts are made up of a series of elements – much like ingredients in a cake. Just like baking, if you change the ingredients, you change the outcome. You’ll learn how to recognise the ingredient in your patterns and make changes at will so you’re no longer held prisoner by repeated thoughts about drinking.

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Most people think about stage hypnosis when hypnotherapy is mentioned. It conjures images of the hypnotherapist getting people to do things against their will – and I’m often asked to “just hypnotise” someone so they won’t drink or won’t eat to much etc. The truth is that most of us experience hypnotic states dozens of times a day. It is nothing more than the turning of attention inwards and a switch from ‘doing’ to ‘happening’. In all likelihood, you brush your teeth in a hypnotic state most mornings – it happens without you consciously DOING anything because your body already knows what to do. Hypnotherapy allows us to create new unconscious patterns deliberately so they align with your goals.


Heart Healing®

One of the worlds newest and most effective healing therapies, Hearthealing┬« takes you beyond thoughts and the mind, working with the energy and wisdom of your heart. You know how you often feel like a part of you wants one thing and a part of you wants something completely different? Hearthealing┬« brings those parts together and allows you to guide yourself in new, powerful and inspiring ways by increasing the love, trust and acceptance you feel for yourself. This truly is one of the most extraordinary and life-changing modalities I’ve had the privilege to study and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Packages and Prices

Deep Dive Goal Setting

2 Sessions
£ 367
  • Get to the heart of your reasons for quitting alcohol
  • Supercharge your motivation
  • Identify all the resources at your disposal to help you achieve your goal

3 Relationship diagnostic

8 sessions
£ 967
  • All the benefits of Deep Dive Goal Setting Plus...
  • Uncover the deep, unconscious patterns driving your choices about alcohol
  • Identify the specific habit loops you follow when you crave alcohol
  • Learn new ways to free yourself from alcohol without relying on willpower

Diagnostic and healing

15 sessions
£ 1500
  • All the benefits of the 3 Relationship Diagnostic plus...
  • Heal the wounds that left your doubting, judging or mistrusting yourself
  • Experience expansion and abundance in other areas of your life as the cumulative effects of your new approach take hold
  • Enjoy greater energy, deeper sleep, more balanced moods and better health overall
Best Value