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Twelve Months of Coaching with me by your side the whole way

Boost your energy, your mood and your happiness Enjoy the life you worked so hard to build

Step 1

Learn about yourself

Delve deeper into your mind, heart and soul than you ever have before. Find out why you do what you do, feel what you feel and say what you say. Learn about your stress style, decision making style and methods of managing conflict. See your patterns clearly and identify the specific changes you'd like to make.

In-depth exploration over a period of 3-4 months

Monthly coaching sessions along with self-led content and weekly checkins so you never have to go it alone.

Step 2

Clear old beliefs

Using the insights from Step 1, we'll identify any old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. In this phase of the program, we'll work to clear those beliefs.

Healing, Hypnotherapy and NLP

Over 3 - 4 months, you'll experience a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic interventions to help clear limiting, negative or outdated beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you. Deeply transformative work!

Step 3

Stubborn pattern release

Everyone wants instant results but when it comes to mood, energy and happiness, there are no straight lines. You'll have experienced significant transformation by this point but you'll also have identified some of your most stubborn patterns and habits. This is where we double down to release them.

Tailored practices and more healing

With our knowledge of what has worked or not worked for you, we'll shape this phase of your program together. We'll identify your biggest frustrations and, once again, dive deep to find their roots before releasing them.

Step 4

Round off

Here we make sure you feel prepared to make full use of everything you've learned over the year - about yourself, your loved ones and how you want to show up in the world.

Tailored feedback, tools and resources

Here, our aim is to skyrocket your confidence and give you a sense of independence so you're ready to take everything this year has given you and multiply it in the years ahead, feeling absolutely unstoppable!


I Am Natalie Britt.

With over 20 years experience in training and coaching, it is my mission to provide mums with the same powerful knowledge and practices often reserved for high performance athletes and executives and to help them master the critical habits necessary to enjoy the most undervalued yet highest pressure job on the plant – motherhood.

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