2 Skills for Emotional Agility

This week’s episode is inspired by Dr Bren√© Brown’s conversation with Dr Susan David on the Dare to Lead podcast.¬† What is Emotional Agility? Put simply, it’s the ability to move within the confines of your emotional experiences. When emotions become overwhelming, we experience a feeling of being stuck. We don’t want to feel the […]

5-Day Happiness Challenge – Day 5: Let Go

As someone who has battled depression for most of my life and an eating disorder for most of my adult life, I’m well versed in holding onto emotions, experiences, stories and perspectives that cost me my happiness. Since beginning my journey towards a happier life and becoming the kind of mental health role model for […]

5-Day Happiness Challenge – Day 4: Solve your Happiness Equation

The content in today’s episode is inspired by a wonderful book called “Solve for Happy” by Mo Gawdat. The Happiness Equation After experiencing the tragic loss of his son after a routine surgery, Mo Gawdat needed to find a way to understand life and happiness.  He came at the problem with the mind of an […]

5-Day Happiness Challenge – Day 3: Get comfortable with Discomfort

Can you cope? We tolerate discomfort all the time – without really even noticing we’re doing it. Think about a time you went to a barbecue or outside event and you were having a wonderful time all afternoon but as the sun set, you began to feel really cold. You’re laughing and enjoying the great […]

5 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 1: Fatten up the good

Not all emotions are created equal In my work as a corporate trainer, I often talk to leaders about the balance between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ interactions. Research suggests that for a team to perform well and for the members of the team to feel good about being a part of that team, they need a […]

Skills required to gain control of your emotions

I struggled with this title because I don’t believe we can ever gain full control of our emotions. I do, however, believe we can gain some control as long as we develop certain skills. That’s what this week’s podcast episode is about. Gaining control of your emotions is not about being happy all the time. […]

Emotions – The Magic and the Trickery

Whenever I record episodes about a particular subject, my attention is drawn to things that relate to that subject. This week, I found an article I’ve had in my possession for over a year, titled, “How Emotions Fool your Brain”. It blew my mind – and blew much of what I’ve previously spoken about out […]

Improving your Emotional Set Point

For most of us, feeling low – or worse – creates a sense of powerlessness or anxiety and we’re desperate to feel better but it’s often quite difficult to drag our attention away from the negative feelings and so they perpetuate. Where attention goes, energy flows James Redfield This week’s podcast episode is all about […]

Emotions and Feelings – Hidden Value and Power

The world of self-development and positive thinking makes it easy to be disdainful of ‘negative’ emotions but lately I’ve come to think of them a little differently. Did you know that without emotions, you’d struggle to make any decisions? Even choosing a sandwich filling would be difficult! Emotions provide ‘towards’ or ‘away from’ signals to […]

The Difference between Emotions and Feelings

IS there a difference between emotions and feelings? Questions like this are frustrating to me because they’re simple questions with answers so complex it’s difficult to answer with 100% certainty. I’d hazard that if you asked 1000 psychologists, you’d have several hundred convinced one way, several hundred convinced the other way and the remaining several […]