How good is it possible to feel?

In this Episode I’ve wondered about how good it’s possible to feel for a long time. Several years ago, I felt lower than low. My moods were erratic. I was tired all the time and I felt like my life was spiralling out of control. Now I don’t feel that way anymore – or at […]

The Inspiration for Big Happy Life In this episode, I talk about the inspiration for Big Happy Life. It’s a short episode where I share a bit about an exercise we did during our pre-adoption training. It was such a profound exercise that it stayed with me for years and has become the foundation of my business. It’s a way […]

Life-changing books: The One Thing with Nicke Abraham

I loved doing this interview! It’s the first in the Big Happy Book Club series – where I talk to my guests about a book that changed their lives. In this episode, I talk to Nicke Abraham, founder of the Winning Attitude Training Consultancy, about the book that changed her life. After more than two […]

Beliefs – cherish or chuck?

How is it possible that we all have such great potential yet so few of us end up living our dream lives? As a child, I wanted to be an actress. I was going to win my first Academy Award in the year 2000 and it would be presented to me by Sylvester Stallone (Don’t […]

What’s really stopping you making the change?

Changing behaviour is HARD! Most of us know what to do but knowing it and doing it are not the same thing. Why? In last week’s podcast, I spoke about the metaphor of the Rider and the Elephant. The rider represents the conscious, logical processes in the mind – the ones we know are happening […]

We know what to do so why don’t we do it?

Listen to Podcast This week’s podcast is all about the difference between knowing what to do and doing it. I am well versed in the psychology of behaviour. I understand the theory. Yet I often find myself unable to put it into practice when I need it most. Why is that? In his book, The […]

66 Days of Meditation – Day 1.

Every road I go down in search of peace of mind leads me to mindfulness and meditation. As someone with a whirring mind, I find the practice difficult to say the least, so despite seeing benefits from daily meditation, I dropped it as soon as life got busy again, in favour of having more time […]

Your two selves: The experiencing self and the remembering self Are our memories accurate and how do they shape our choices? Answering these questions might help us shape our lives in ways that lead to greater happiness. Resources: Daniel Kahneman’s TED Talk  

Introduction An introduction to the thought process behind this podcast and the types of questions it will answer in later episodes.