Are you doing too much Self-Development?

Knowledge isn’t power until it’s applied. Dale Carnegie Tweet In this episode This week, I look at a couple of the signs you might notice if you’re doing too much self-development. What does “too much self-development” mean? In this case, I’m talking about the learning side of self-development – the books, courses, webinars, seminars and […]

The Inspiration for Big Happy Life In this episode, I talk about the inspiration for Big Happy Life. It’s a short episode where I share a bit about an exercise we did during our pre-adoption training. It was such a profound exercise that it stayed with me for years and has become the foundation of my business. It’s a way […]

60 Minute Retreats – Help yourself feel better

Listen to the podcast here Retreat (verb) To withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat. Retreat (noun) The act of moving back or withdrawing Life holds challenges for all of us. Sometimes we feel able to cope and other times the challenges overwhelm and overpower us. In […]

Are there Good and Bad Decisions?

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

In short: The actions you take after making the decision are more important than the decision itself. (More in this in Episode 12) It’s possible for things to go wrong even when you make a good choice and take all the ‘right’ actions. Not everything is in your control. (More on this in episode 13) […]

Where do beliefs come from?

Take a moment to answer any one of these questions: What is success? What does it take to be a good person? What is the most important thing family members can do for each other? The only way to answer these questions is to tap into your beliefs. Our beliefs drive every aspect of our […]