Habits Assessment

If successful and unsuccessful people share the same goals, then the goal cannot be what differentiates the winners from the losers.


what's really blocking you

Whether it’s lack of time, lack of motivation, an inability to finish what you start of just a general lack of mojo that’s holding you back form achieving your goals, this assessment will help you figure out what’s really going on and what small changes you can make to your habits that will generate big changes in your business and your life.



the unique keys to unlocking your success

There’s a secret formula when it comes to habits and habit change. 

You’ll learn this formula as part of your assessment – and I’ll show you how to apply it in your specific situation.

No two clients are identical. That’s why this assessment includes a 90-minute consultation during which you’ll discover the unique changes that will make the most difference to you in your business and your life.

change small things

and see big results

Put into practice the knowledge and insights you gather from your assessment and see changes in your energy, focus, confidence and clarity so you can move forward towards your goals with greater energy, purpose and enjoyment.


What's involved?

what are the steps?

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Book your assessment using the link

From there, you’ll be sent a Google form to complete.

Complete your intake form

You’ll answer questions about many aspects of your life, including your energy and stress levels and details about a multitude of lifestyle habits. Within the form is a link to book your follow up consultation.

90-minute consultation

During the consultation, I’ll guide you through some of the patterns and insights I’ve gathered from your answers and share with you some key recommendations for shaping your habits to achieve your desired business and/or life goals.


Habits assessment
£ 222 single payment
  • Copy of your intake form sent to you for reference
  • 90-minute consultation
  • Personalised Report including recommendations and additional resources