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Habits Unlocker


The chains of habit are generally too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

Unlock your habits, unlock your health and happiness!

Are you tired of knowing what to do but struggling to actually do it? You’re not alone. For years, I battled through an eating disorder, struggled with binge-drinking, and got trapped in endless cycles of yoyo-dieting, all while wondering, “Why can’t I just stick to my goals?”

If you’re nodding along, feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of shoulds and coulds, it’s time to break free. Introducing the HABIT UNLOCKER package.

Forget everything you thought you knew about willpower and self-discipline. This isn’t about white-knuckling your way through change. It’s about understanding the intricate web of habits that shape your life, and learning how to rewire them for success.

In the HABIT UNLOCKER package, we’ll dive deep into your daily routines, uncovering the hidden patterns that hold you back and the triggers that propel you forward. No judgment, no shame—just practical strategies and unwavering support.

By the end, you’ll not only understand your habits—you’ll master them. Where you struggled before, you’ll find freedom. Where you doubted yourself, you’ll find confidence.

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to a sense of knowing that you can trust yourself because you’ll have unlocked to code beneath your habits and opened the door to your potential.

Ready to take the first step? I’ll be right there with you.

About the package


what's really blocking you

If you’ve ever thought the blockers were your willpower or motivation, this package will help you stop blaming or judging yourself. The truth is, the real blockers are often hiding in plain sight.

To unravel the mystery behind your perceived obstacles, we’ll take a holistic approach by delving deep into your life, looking at how the pieces fit together, how your experiences have shaped you, how your choices affect each other and, perhaps most importantly, when, how and why you get stressed.

Once we uncover the patterns, changes become easier to make. Suddenly those seemingly insurmountable barriers become manageable and you discover how to become your own biggest ally instead of your harshest critic.



the unique keys to unlocking your success

Did you know you have a Behaviour Code? It’s like a program that runs underneath every choice you make, and when you know how to read it, you become a master at understanding when, how and why you get stuck or make choices that take you away from your goals.

Your behaviour code is unique to you, and I’ll teach you how to read it and re-code it. Armed with your behaviour code, you’ll know how to help yourself keep your promises to yourself, and on those rare occasions when you falter, you’ll know how to support yourself, nourish your mind and body, get back up and move forward with confidence.

change small things

and see big results

From our consultation, you’ll have a plan for moving forward but you won’t be doing it alone.

For 30 days, I’ll be right there with you. Think of me as the coach in your pocket, never more than a call or text away. I’ll be there to answer your questions, cheer you on, help you out and supporting your efforts while you experiment with your code and start noticing the shifts.

Habit change is all about small, consistent changes so the pressure is off, and instead you’re going to be taking easy, effortless steps towards your happier, healthier future.

small changes

What's involved?

what are the steps?

Book via the link

From there, you’ll be sent to your intake form.

Complete your intake form

You’ll answer questions about many aspects of your life, including your energy and stress levels and details about a multitude of lifestyle habits. At the end of the form, you’ll find the link to book your consultation.

2-hour consultation

During the consultation, I’ll ask a few more questions to dive deeper into your patterns. You’ll learn how to use your behaviour code to understand when, how and why you sometimes get stuck, and I’ll make some key recommendations for shaping your habits to help you achieve your specific goals.

Personalised Report

Following our conversation, I’ll write your personalised report, summarising everything we talked about and all the recommendations I made so you have it to refer back to whenever you need it.

30 Days of Support via whatsapp

It takes a while to get into the swing of new habits so it’s helpful to have someone by your side to answer questions, cheer you on and give you a kick in the pants if you feel you need it to get you moving in the direction of your goals. I’m there for all of it!


Habits assessment
£ 333 single payment
  • Copy of your intake form sent to you for reference
  • 90-minute consultation
  • Personalised Report including recommendations and additional resources
  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp for 30 Days