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Life Enhancing Habits

GrouP Coaching Programs

Quit / moderate alcohol

Alcohol-Free Mindset Challenge

This free, 7-day challenge is a great way to explore the idea of freeing yourself from alcohol if you're using it to numb out your emotions. It can take a little time to work up the courage to go teetotal so if you're "sober-curious" and just want to dip your toe in, this challenge is can help you get started. You'll have access to the material for 2 weeks so there's plenty of time to get through the material and it comes with a downloadable workbook for you to keep so you can track your progress and insights as you go.

Enough with(out) the Alcohol

This empowering 28-Day group program takes you on a journey to explore your relationship with alcohol. You'll go deep into your mind, heart and history and uncover the stories and triggers that have kept you stuck and made you feel powerless in your previous attempts to quit drinking. More of a personal 'quest' this program will continue any earlier work you've done to improve your relationship with yourself.

Positivity, stress & Mindfulness

30 Days of Happy Habits

This 30-day program is jam packed full of amazing information and practical advice to help you enjoy your life more fully. Rather than pleasure seeking, this course encourages you to make best use of any work you've already done to connect with yourself and experience greater joy and fulfilment.


If you struggle to manage your stress levels and get out of your head, this course will help you examine your habits and figure out where and how to make changes to free yourself more easily from stress or overwhelm when they arise.