Do you want

Things to change?

Do you want to feel limitless and confident the way you did before anyone taught you to feel something less?

Do you want to feel wholehearted for the first time in a long time?

Do you want to love and accept yourself so deeply that fear no longer dictates your life?

Do you want to be the change-maker in your bloodline and create a legacy of love like no other?

Do you want loving closure and to make peace with the stories you’ve told yourself over the years about why you’re not enough exactly as you are?


If you’re done playing small and done letting your past, your fears and other people dictate how you live, HeartHealing is for you.



what is


HeartHealing® combines advanced hypnotherapy and coaching with spiritual and energetic methods to help you transform your life by transforming how you think and feel about yourself.

It fuses science, spirituality and energy, emphasising a holistic approach to healing that integrates the energies of the heart, mind and the soul to bring about deep transformation and lasting change. 

Aimed at restoring wholeness, HeartHealing® is about reuniting you with parts of yourself you have shut off, denied or hidden in your efforts to fit in, be liked, or keep yourself safe. Those parts of you didn’t go anywhere. They are waiting for you to accept them and when you do, everything changes. 


It's all about loving yourself

LOVE is one of the most intense and powerful forces in the universe. Just think of what it makes you do when one of your kids could be hurt or in danger.

When you struggle to love or accept parts of yourself, your energy and openness to the good things around you become blocked and it becomes harder for you to receive and enjoy the gifts of this life. You’re more likely to be driven by fear and worry, more likely to hold yourself back, and more likely to miss opportunities and block the abundance of good things that could be yours if you were able to let them in.

HeartHealing® offers you a way to open the door to that love and abundance.

It offers the opportunity to tap into the wisdom and energy of your heart, to welcome back the parts of yourself you cut off, hid or shunned so you can feel truly whole, loved and WORTHY of great love and abundance. 

It is through HeartHealing and the incredible insights that follow that you reawaken that pure sense of self-love and self-acceptance that you were born with and, in doing so, free yourself to enjoy the great energy, grace and flow that come with living a life powered by love.

You are deserving of great love

Ways to experience HeartHealing®

Mini Package

If you feel 'not enough' in some way, struggle with imposter syndrome or lack of confidence, this package will offer you amazing transformation in the shortest possible time.

Core Wounds Package


Group Programs

All group programs include a taster session of HeartHealing. Click HERE to view current group program options.


Mini Package

5 weeks
£ 290 Introductory offer
  • 2 x 90 minute coaching sessions
  • 1 x HeartHealing Session
  • 1 x personalised Hypnotherapy Audio Download
  • Personalised journal prompts and action items

The Process

How HeartHealing® Works

This tried and tested method yields incredible results in the shortest possible time.

Intake form

A chance for you to reflect on your experience, using a set of deeply targeted questions. Many clients already begin to experience shifts at this stage because it allows them to think about themselves and their experiences from new vantage points.

Pre-Session Consultation (Up to 90 mins)

During this session, we talk more deeply about what you wrote on the intake form and we work together to gain a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, what holds you back, what your inner critic sounds like and what you’re aspiring towards. 

HeartHealing® Session

During the session, I’ll relax you into a meditative or trance-like state to prepare you for this deeply transformative experience. You’ll be guided on a journey into your heart, where you’ll gather wisdom and lessons you’ve not previously accessed within yourself. The session is often highly emotive and always leads to insights, either during or after the session.

HeartHealing® Transformational Hypnosis

You’ll receive an audio download from the session to listen to for 28 days following the session. This audio allows your unconscious mind to integrate the lessons that arose for you during the session.

Follow up Consultation

During this final discussion, we explore the transformations you’ve experienced and talk about how you might enhance and build on these experiences.



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