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Intentional Parenting

Does this

sound like you?


What's the real reason you're finding parenting a struggle?

We all know parenting is tough and most of us understand it’s normal to be imperfect, but why do some days feel easy and others feel utterly brutal? 

These 3 relationships shape your day-to-day experience of parenting:

Relationship withYourself

What do your thoughts sound like? How do you talk to yourself? What does it feel like to be you? Is it ok to make mistakes? What makes you good? What makes you loveable? What parts of yourself do you accept or deny? The answers to these and many other questions hold the secrets behind the emotional triggers that fire for you when parenting. Not only do they drive your emotions and choices, they also drive the rules against which you judge your children's behaviour. Once you understand your relationship with yourself, you understand many of the driving forces behind the frustrations you experience each day.

Relationship with Time

Time is an interesting concept - it refers to the seconds and minutes that pass but also to the ways in which we orient ourselves in the world and where we place our attention. Not only that - the relationship you have with time determines whether you react to single events or all the events of the past or future. How often has your child done something and you've reacted furiously because it's not the first time they've done it. Or you've over-reacted because you wanted to 'nip it in the bud' because you imagined the behaviour escalating in the future. Learning how your thought patterns work as you orient towards the present, past or future can help unlock new ways of thinking about everyday parenting challenges.

with your Environment

People, places, culture and things all form part of our environment. It's very easy to see how your environment can cause stress - how your kids' behaviour might be stressing you out or driving you crazy. For most of us, that's where it stops. We figure there's nothing we can do. "It is what it is", we say. But this is not the case. When you understand how to use, shape and adapt your environment to HELP you become the parent you want to be, things automatically get easier. When we work together, you'll learn how to build a relationship with your environment that ENHANCES the relationship you have with yourself and therefore with your kids.

Once your focus shifts away from alcohol and towards these 3 relationships, you instantly increase your power to choose and your power to experience freedom from alcohol, whether you choose to stay teetotal or drink in moderation.

Methods & therapies I use

when we work together

Most of the patterns associated with the 3 relationships are unconscious – so you’ll have little or no conscious awareness of their presence.

My job is to take you on a tour of your unconscious mind, helping you find your patterns and decide which ones to keep and which ones to change in order to become the parent you always imagined you’d be.

I do this using a variety of tools.

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Heart Healing®

One of the worlds newest and most effective healing therapies, Hearthealing® takes you beyond thoughts and the mind, working with the energy and wisdom of your heart.

You know that feeling when you’re freaking out at your kids but a part of you is looking on and can’t understand why you’re so upset?  Hearthealing® brings those parts together and gives you the tools to soothe that part of you that feels so hurt, fearful, angry or lost. You learn how to become a better parent to those scared, small parts of yourself that you’ve carried since childhood and, by loving and accepting those parts of yourself, you become better able to shower that same unconditional love and acceptance on your children. 

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NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming

If you’ve ever done any mindset work, you know your thoughts matter. Most of us know it’s important to monitor WHAT we think but few of us monitor HOW we think – and that’s where the magic is. Your thoughts are made up of a series of elements – much like ingredients in a cake. Just like baking, if you change the ingredients, you change the outcome. You’ll learn how to recognise the ingredients in your patterns so you’re able to make changes that allow you to become intentional in your responses to your children.



Most people think about stage hypnosis when hypnotherapy is mentioned. It conjures images of the hypnotherapist getting people to do things against their will – and people often ask me to “just hypnotise” them so they can miraculously change some unwanted behaviour. But it doesn’t really work like that – nobody can hypnotise you to do anything you don’t want to do. The truth is that most of us experience hypnotic states dozens of times a day. It is nothing more than the turning of attention inwards and a switch from ‘doing’ to ‘happening’. In all likelihood, you brush your teeth in a hypnotic state most mornings – it happens without you consciously DOING anything because your body already knows what to do so it just HAPPENS while your mind is free to focus on something else. Hypnotherapy simply allows us to create new unconscious patterns so they align with your parenting goals.

Intentional Parenting Package

12 Sessions (3 - 5 months)
£ 1440 Includes support between sessions
  • Heal childhood wounds that are still impacting your parenting
  • Learn to love, trust and accept yourself unconditionally so you can offer these same gifts to your children
  • Learn how to use and shape your environment so parenting becomes easier and more rewarding