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My Sober Self

Release yourself

from the alcohol trap

Alcohol is a wonderful balm for soothing the pain caused by a stressful life. We tell ourselves that alcohol is the ONE thing we have that allows us to simply relax. But, not too long after the first glass, we end up full of judgement – for ourselves and whoever caused the stress. 

We turn on ourselves with thoughts about how weak-willed we are. We feel certain our friends are managing way better than we are and that’s just further proof of how much we’re doing wrong. 

Of course, these thoughts only serve to keep the days stress alive so we drink a bit more until that familiar buzz and fuzziness arrives and our minds aren’t quite so loud anymore. 

The ripple effect

Naturally, that tantalising feeling of freedom, ease and escape that comes with the first glass feels wonderful and that’s often what keeps us going back to alcohol long after we realise it’s not helping. But there are ripple effects in this trap to which many of us are blind. 


The effect alcohol has on our hormones, making us more susceptible to stress, the drain on our energy, making it harder for us to show up in our lives and relationships in the way we intend, and the way it trains our attention away from our personal power in any given situation, causing us instead to look away, numb out and allow things to stay as they are – all the while ensuring we keep drinking, because, let’s face it, what else can we do when we’re exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like nothing we do is good enough? 

The whole-self habit change approach

to alcohol freedom

This approach has one belief at its heart: 


During the 28-day course, you’ll learn loads about the science of habit change but, more importantly, you’ll learn about yourself. You’ll gain a deeper understanding about the thoughts and feelings that lead you to drink in excess and you’ll learn to approach your cravings with such compassion that you’ll barely need willpower because you won’t be stressing yourself out.

You’ll learn how to handle stressful situations without automatically linking them with a trigger to drink.

You’ll gain deep and profound insights into yourself and the stories you’ve been telling yourself about your worth, your capabilities and what’s possible for you.

Naturally, you’ll break your dependance on alcohol, but you’ll gain so much more than that. Learning to connect with yourself this way will create ripples way beyond your drinking habits.

By building a true connection with yourself, you’ll be more likely to enjoy improvements to your health, your relationships and your ability to attract and receive abundance more freely in all areas of life.

Don't let your stories hold you back

Have you ever told yourself any of these stories?

  • I don’t have any willpower
  • I’m just weak-willed
  • I have an addictive personality
  • I’ll lose my friends if I don’t drink
  • I’ll be boring
  • Nobody will like me
  • Life will miserable without wine!
  • I’m probably making a big deal of nothing. I don’t actually drink that much.

What stories are you telling yourself?

All of your stories are by-products of the relationship you have with yourself. Change the relationship, change the stories.

Make the Unconscious Conscious

Understand your patters.
Let go of your limiting beliefs
Stop fighting against yourself

Make the Unconscious Conscious

Imagine how you’d feel if drinking just wasn’t something that bothered you anymore. 

Imagine feeling confident and happy, completely safe and secure in your own skin. Imagine having the energy and motivation to do the things that matter to you and the things that would improve your life. What would you do with all that energy?

Imagine trusting yourself so deeply that cravings become niggles; so easy to ignore, and life’s stresses no longer trigger you or hold you back. Imagine never NEEDING alcohol again.


I know these things are possible because

I've been where you are


I'm Natalie Britt

A few years ago, at the point when I should have been celebrating ‘having it all’, I felt nothing but OVERWHELM and fear. I was DEPRESSED and felt completely DISCONNECTED from myself and the life I had worked so hard to build. 

I was a new mum at the time – yet my youngest child was already 17 months old and my eldest was 7! My husband and I adopted our kids because we both felt that we were the kinds of people who could offer unlimited love, nurture and support to our children, who had started life facing things that no child should face.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I only felt GOOD ENOUGH under very specific circumstances – and being a mum pushed me way beyond the parameters of my own self-acceptance.

Stand up straight and remember who you are, that you tower over your circumstances

Connecting with myself wasn’t instant. My first 100 days alcohol free was all about THE ALCOHOL. In fact, it was more than a year after that first 100 days that I finally realised what was going on but now that I’ve seen it, I can never un-see it and my entire coaching practice has changed to incorporate this vital element within the process of habit change.

That's why I designed this program

I tried and failed to quit drinking many times. It was painful and demoralising each time – and the disconnection within me was compounded with every failure.

Only when I learned to apply compassion and acceptance to every thought, word and action did I completely free myself from the NEED for alcohol. 

Now, I drink occasionally and I really enjoy it. No drama. No dependance. No critical voice.

Is the course for You?

There are only 10 spaces available in each group so it’s important that you make sure the course is right for you before signing up. I’ve kept the group number small because I want to be able to support and guide each of you through the 28 Days. 

This course is for you if:

  • You understand that your drinking has very little to do with the drink and everything to do with how you feel about yourself.
  • You’re ready to ditch the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • You’re curious about how your unconscious mind works and you’d like to get in there and tinker with things.
  • You’d like to understand the science of habits and how to shape your own habits more positively.
  • You are ready to do the work.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for some kind of magic pill solution.
  • You’re hoping I’m going to light a fire in you that’s going ignite your motivation to do this.
    • Although I expect you’ll feel inspired by a lot of the material in the course, the motivation to do this MUST come from you. Motivation is always an inside job.
  • You don’t see a connection between drinking and your relationship with yourself.
  • You’re unwilling to tolerate some short term discomfort as you sit with the emotions that arise when you do this work.

Not sure?


My Sober Self

Free yourself from the alcohol trap and claim your power to change your life.

This program will help you connect with your true self, shape your habits and access the awesome strength you hold inside you.

What should you expect?

A science-based approach to habits, elegantly blended with psychological research, NLP techniques, hypnotherapy and a taster of one of the worlds newest and most powerful therapeutic experiences – HeartHealing®.

Expect your relationship with yourself to change.


  • Uncover and free yourself from your limiting beliefs.
  • Develop greater confidence and self-trust because you’ll start keeping your promises to yourself.
  • Create a ripple effect in your life so other areas improve alongside your drinking habits.
  • Be completely supported – by me and other members of the group.
  • Be one of just 10 people who get to be a part of this group.

By the end of this program you’ll be able to…

  • Make intentional and deliberate choices about your habits because you will understand yourself and the nuances of how you think, feel and act
  • Release yourself from habits that have enslaved you because you will have broken the habitual patterns that kept you stuck
  • Catch and react to the emotional triggers that lead you to drink – even the subtle ones
  • Approach set-backs with self-compassion so you learn and grow and maintain the positive momentum you build up

What will you learn?

In the first module, I explain that this is more of a ‘quest’ than a program or course. Yes, you will learn all of the things listed below but, more importantly, you will learn how to access and make sense of your habitual thoughts, behaviours and patterns. You will learn to make the unconscious conscious and, in doing so, you’ll learn how to empower YOURSELF to make changes. 

So, all that said, we’ll also cover:

The science of habits

How to identify the triggers and rewards that lead you to drink

How to use my “Sources of StrengthTM” model so you don’t have to rely so heavily on Willpower

How beliefs form and how to consciously challenge your own

What to do when you’re at war with yourself

How to access peace and stillness inside yourself so you’re better able to cope with the chaos around you


How does that sound?

The investment

I’m really excited about offering this amazing course for the very first time!

The prices below are an introductory offer, available ONLY to the first group of people who participate. 

Introductory offer price

Single Payment
£ 499 Comes with a bonus:
  • BONUS INCLUDED: Additional 45 min 1-to-1 Coaching Call

Introductory offer price

2 Payments
£ 265
  • Second payment taken 30 days after first payment

Frequently asked questions


Do I have to quit drinking once I've signed up?

No. There’s no “have to” about it. I’ll encourage you to remain alcohol free for the duration of the 28 days. In the lead up, the choice is yours. I’ll send you some video content to help you drink more mindfully if you’re still drinking, and that way you’ll arrive on day 1 of the course equipped with some very useful information about your habits and patterns.


How much 1:1 support will I get?

This is a group program so aside from the 45-minute bonus call if you chose the one-off payment, all support is offered during the group calls and on the Facebook page. In those spaces, you can ask about anything and will also have the chance to share your experiences so there are plenty of opportunities for personalised support within the group setting. 


What if I don't feel comfortable posting in the group?

During the course, you’ll learn a lot more about where the roots of these feelings of unease come from and how to move through them but, regardless, if you don’t feel comfortable posting in the group, you can either post anonymously or you can send me a direct message. With your permission (and without naming you), I’ll still share any learnings or useful information from our conversation with other members of the group so they can benefit. 


What if I drink during the 28-day program?

If that happens, we’ll work together to uncover the pattern that allowed your thoughts to trigger a habit you no longer wish to support. I’ll help you extract as much value and power from the set back as you can and we’ll keep going.



£200 Off

Be part of the very first group to benefit from this course and enjoy £200 off the full price.