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My 4-Part Coaching Method

1. Clarify

With your Goals, Vision & Values

  • Have you ever bought a new car? In the days before making your final decision, did you notice more of your preferred car on the road? How about after you bought your car? Did it seem to you that there were more of the same car around?  Our brains are wired to filter information. When you know what you want, you attention shifts towards those things and you immediately improve your chances of taking the opportunities available to you. I’ll spend at least 1-2 full sessions with you, talking only about your goals, visions and values. 
  • Expect instant results from this session alone. It’s staggering what you notice when you know how to pay attention to the things that are most important to you and genuinely drive you.
  • This part of the process isn’t simply a series of questions. My questions are crafted to help you delve more deeply into the unconscious drivers behind your choices and motivation. The A-ha moments from these early sessions can be enormously rewarding and pave the way for our work together as we set about helping you shape your mindset and habits to make your goals and vision a reality.

2. Loosen

Your model of the world and Unconscious Patterns

  • By the time you notice that we’re doing this work, we’ll already have been doing it for a while. There are so many ways to look at your life. So many perspectives you haven’t yet explored. This is true for absolutely everyone. One of the things that keeps us stuck is our own unconscious patterns – largely because we’re unaware of them. I have my own coach to help me loosen my patterns when they keep me stuck. We inadvertently tie ourselves in knots and miss opportunities for things to be easier or feel better. My job is to help you loosen some of those knots so the road to your goals and visions becomes easier to travel.

3. Transform

Your mindset and thinking

  • Using a range of techniques, including NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, we’ll access your subconscious programming and ensure your mind is wired for your new habits to embed more easily.
  • Some people worry about hypnosis and the idea of ‘programming’ the mind but by the time we get here, you’ll already be aware of how often you’ve hypnotised yourself over the years – what do you think kept you going back to the biscuit tin after you promised yourself you weren’t going to have any more? You’ll also have an understanding of what hypnosis is and how it works. It’s something we do together, not something I do to you. The hypnosis we do together is intentional – we choose the program so we know it will be one that serves you in your pursuit of your goals, vision and values. 
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4. Release

Limitations and old patterns

  • One of the greatest gifts coaching has to offer is the freedom from old patterns you didn’t know you were stuck in.
  • Freedom from your old habits and patterns means you get to choose new ways of thinking and being. That’s what creates new results.
  • Whatever your goals, you’ll now be free to achieve them without unconscious limitations.
  • The speed with which the transformation happens is satisfyingly rapid and you’ll start seeing results both within you and around you almost immediately.

What is a Discovery Call?

It’s a 30 – 45 minute call during which we find out about each other and for you to decide whether or not you’d like to work with me. 


What do we talk about?

We talk about you, why you’re considering coaching package and how you’d like things to be by the end. I tell you a bit about coaching, how it works and what to expect and I answer your questions.

are you going to sell to me?

No. The cost information and purchase links are on this page so you’ll be able to buy whenever you feel ready. I’ll encourage you to take time to think about it after the call. Coaching is a commitment – for both of us. Only do it when you’re ready to commit.