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One-to-One Coaching

You're ready when

You're ready

The story of the howling dog is one of my favourite ways to think about the two kinds of pain in life. The story goes like this…

An old man and his dog are sitting on the porch when a neighbour walks by and hears the dog howling.

“Is your dog Ok?”, asks the neighbour.

“No, he’s not. He’s sitting on a nail.” 

The neighbour looks confused. “Why doesn’t he just move?”

The man sits for a moment and thinks as he sips his coffee. “It’s not hurting him bad enough.”

There are two kinds of pain. The pain of staying stuck and the pain of moving. 

The difference between the two pains is that one of them paves the way towards inspiration, self-trust, self-confidence and fulfilment. 

All of us make a choice between these two pains every day. You know you’re ready when you make that choice intentionally; when you’re ready for things to change; when keeping things the same is no longer something you’re willing to do.


My Process

How I work

I believe we achieve the greatest peace, contentment, fulfilment and happiness in life when we strip away the things that block our path to these things. I think the same is true for confidence, self-belief, resilience and self-acceptance.

We weren’t born worrying about what others thought of us or stressing about what we had or didn’t have or could do or not do. We learned to judge ourselves. We learned to play by someone else’s rules, even when the rules didn’t make sense to us, and we learned to hide parts of ourselves in our efforts to fit in or gain approval from those around us. 

My process is all about revisiting the experiences that shaped your beliefs about who you are and what’s possible for you – uncovering the beliefs that hold those learnings in place and offering you beautiful, practical ways to discover the keys you need to release yourself from beliefs that are keeping you stuck in habits or patterns that block your route towards the life you want.

My unique 3-step approach uses a combination of coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and HeartHealingTM to allow you to experience change at both a conscious level and a sub-conscious level to experience incredible transformations in a short amount of time.   

Create your design

We dive deeply into your values, motivation & the things that truly matter to you. This work is illuminating for most clients as few people take the time to understand themselves at this deep level. The work we do here will become our map for everything that follows

Find your patterns

95% of everything we think, feel and do is controlled unconsciously by the time we’re in our thirties. The second stage of our work together involves figuring out the patterns running in your 95%. You’ll be amazed at what we find and how much clarity you’ll gain about yourself and the choices that have led you to where you are today.


Once we know your patterns, you get to choose which ones to keep and which to change and we’ll set about creating those changes. Most often, this stage includes hypnotherapy, Timeline TherapyTM and HeartHealingTM, all of which offer powerful, deeply healing and freeing results so you’re able to live, parent and love with greater joy and satisfaction.

One-to-one coaching packages

Connect with Yourself

I am Enough

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts that stand between you and your potential to live the life of your dreams.

Open to Receiving

Sometimes it feels as though life has it in for you. Just when you get a little money together, the car needs new tyres or the fridge breaks down and you're back where you started. Or you get one area of life going just the way you want it, only to find another area falls spectacularly to pieces. After a while, you come to believe it's you - you're just unlucky. But our thoughts have a way of manifesting in reality and this 4-month package offers a beautiful way for you to open yourself up to receive life's abundant gives and enjoy greater health, wealth and happiness.

Create Life-enhancing Habits

6-12 Session
Bespoke Package

Bespoke packages offer the opportunity to shape every aspect of the package to suit your needs. So, whether you're unsure where to start or you're arriving with laser-focus on a specific result you want and an exact change you want to make, your package can be built around you, to suit your unique needs and goals, using a mix of NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy and HeartHealing.

Need more information

Book a free Call

If you’re still deciding whether or not to work with a coach, not sure what to expect or unsure where to start, book a call so you can share your story and ask the questions you need answered before making a decision. 

Lets chat

A discovery call is a 30 – 45 minute call, via Zoom, during which you can tell me about yourself and what you’re hoping to achieve. You can also ask any questions you need answered so you’re better able to decide on your next steps. I will provide you with information about the services I offer and what to expect but I won’t sell anything to you. My packages can be intense and they require your commitment so you need to be 100% sure ready to devote the necessary time, space and energy to yourself before going ahead. If it takes you a little while to get to that point, no problem. I’ll be here when you’re ready.