Packages and Prices

Whether you prefer to be guided every step of the way or you just need help getting started, there's a package to suit your needs.

Coaching Packages

The Big Happy Life Package

When you have everything you need to be happy but you can't quite feel it.
£ 599
  • 6 Sessions

The Freedom from Crutches Package

When you're tried to break free from unhealthy habits that are holding you back.
£ 599
  • 6 Sessions

The Tailored

When you know what you want to achieve and you'd like a package designed specifically to get you there.
£ 75
Per Session
  • Min 2 Sessions
Big Happy Life-4

Big Happy Life Package

You already have the big life. You have the career, the partner, the kids, the home, the friends. You should be happy but you’re struggling to feel it and you don’t understand why.

This unique 8-session package is the full monty! You’ll design your life and learn how to shape your inner and outer world so you feel in control of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and know how to shape your environment and relationships so life feels great. 

This package will leave you feeling fully in charge of your life, your choices and what it feels like to be you.


Freedom from Bad Habits Package

You have a habit you’ve tried many times to break and haven’t yet succeeded.

You’re not sure what’s holding you back but you’re not letting it hold you back for one more day. You’re ready to take charge and make the change you’ve wanted to make for ages.

In this 6-session package, you’ll benefit from a series of coaching and therapeutic interventions that will help you uncover the real reason behind previous failed attempts to break the habit. This package also includes hypnotherapy.

Becoming Mummy-2

Becoming Mummy Package

Specifically for adoptive mothers, this package is for you if you’re struggling to make the transition to motherhood and finding it tougher than you thought to connect with your child/ children.

It’s for you if you had a vision of the kind of mum you wanted to be but every day you seem to get further away from that vision.

You love you child but you’re struggling to feel a true connection.

This 4-session package helps you fully uncover your vision of motherhood and shape your environment, habits and relationships to align with that vision.