Become the Mum you Imagined

About the Package

This package is offered to adoptive mothers, birth mothers, step-mothers… to any mother who is struggling to convey the love she feels or is struggling to enjoy the experience of being with and caring for her child or children.

No matter what route you took to motherhood, arriving at this destination can be more difficult than anything else you’ve done in your life – even if you’re an entrepreneur or high achiever in other areas of life. In fact, being those things is precisely what made motherhood feel so tough for me at the beginning. I was used to being good at things and I couldn’t fathom how I was struggling with something that was meant to come naturally.

In our first session, we’ll talk about the vision you had of motherhood. We’ll really bring it to life. Our discussion will make it vivid in your mind and the conversation will likely be really enjoyable because it will ignite the hope and possibility you enjoyed when you first imagined that version of yourself – only this time, the hope and possibility will feel even better because you’re on the path to making it a reality.

As our sessions progress, we’ll explore the parts of motherhood you find challenging and we’ll uncover how those challenges affect you.  In these sessions, I’ll help you access the unconscious elements of your experience. 

More often than not, our triggers in parenthood have their origins in childhood. We’ll explore these triggers and release unproductive thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold those triggers in place.

Although you’ll notice shifts in yourself right from the first session, the real magic happens when we’ve worked together to free you from the old patterns behind the difficult feelings that got in the way of you being the mum you imagined.

Much of the work we do together will speak directly to your unconscious mind. I’ll use techniques such as Timeline Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis to help you gain deep insights into your psyche and mindset. These insights are so powerful they make it possible for you to make fast and lasting changes to your experience of motherhood.

This is a package that requires commitment, openness and a great relationship with the coach. It is essential that you feel safe and relaxed with me in order to do this deep, healing work.  If you’re interested in this package, please book a discovery call to help ensure you feel ready to move forward with me as your coach.