The Big Happy Life Package

About the Package

I created this package for people who are going through what I went through several years ago. 

You’ve arrived at the point where you’ve got everything that’s supposed to make you happy but you’re not feeling it. Everywhere you look, there’s something that needs improving or fixing, someone who needs something from you or another responsibility you have to attend to. Rather than feeling like you’ve arrived, you feel like you’re being pulled apart.

This package offers you “the works”. 

Together, we’ll go right back to the beginning. We’ll uncover your core values and you’ll learn how those values shape your choices, beliefs and experiences.

We’ll use that information to create your life design. This is more than goal setting because, as you’ve already seen, pushing hard to achieve one goal just seems to add more pressure to other areas of life. Work goals leave you feeling like you’re letting your family down and family goals leave you feeling like you’re failing at work. When your life design is complete, you’ll no longer have those dilemmas. Your choices will appear more obvious and decisions will become easier as a result.

With your life design in place, we’ll work together to shape your habits. Here, I’ll teach you to use my unique Sources of Strength Framework so you’ll be able to make use of every single resource available to you – whether that’s inside you or around you.

Finally, you’ll gather tools to help you cultivate the feelings you want to bring into your life. For me, it was calm, patience and joy but the feelings you cultivate will be unique to you. 

When we are finished working together, you will have the habits, tools and skills to live your life as you intended to live it and you’ll have everything you need to ensure you can manage whatever life throws at you next.


The package consists of 8 sessions, lasting up to 90 minutes each.

Session 1 – You, Your values and Your Goals

In this session, we’ll talk about your life and I’ll help you uncover your core values and what they mean to you.

Session 2 – Your Life Design

In this session, we’ll look at your life holistically and get a sense of where you find meaning and purpose, where you experience stress, overwhelm or other emotions that get in the way of your happiness. I’ll help you get to the heart of some big life questions so you’re able to create a design for your life that allows you to live it fully and intentionally.

Session 3 – Your Habits

Almost everything we do is habitual – from our thoughts to our words and actions. I’ll help you figure out which of your habits is helping you and which habits are holding you back. We’ll work with the useful habits and work on changing the unproductive habits in later sessions as we move through the program.

Session 4 – 6 – Sources of Strength

In these sessions, we’ll work through the Sources of Strength Framework and do some of the deep inner work on your mindset and clear any limiting decisions and limiting beliefs that could get in the way of you experiencing the life you want.

Session 7 – Working with your Unconscious Mind

Until now, I’ll have used techniques to engage both your conscious and unconscious mind. With your agreement, we’d move deeper into your unconscious mind to help instal beliefs and habits that will serve you really well as life begins to feel happier for you. 

Recordings of these sessions will be yours to keep and listen to any time you need a boost.

Session 8 – Bringing it all together

By now, you’ll already be seeing massive changes in your life and how you feel about it. This final session allows us to bring together everything we’ve covered and prepare you for using all the resources, skills and tools you’ll have available to you as you move forward into your Big Happy Life.

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