Calm, Happy and Strong

About the Package

You’re tired of being held hostage by your emotions. You’re tired of the ups and downs and never knowing where your mood is going to take you.

You’re ready to feel balanced, calm and in control of all you say and do. You’re ready to let go of ‘losing it for no reason’. You’re ready to stop judging yourself and you’re ready to feel like you have a say in how you feel. 

With this package, you’ll take charge of your inner world so you feel strong, capable and ready for whatever the world has in store for you. 

All emotions are useful and valuable but when we fail to use them effectively, they morph into more toxic and unhelpful versions of themselves and can cause problems.

To start with, we’ll talk about how you want to think, feel and act. That will become our goal state and, over the course of our time together, we’ll work to make that a reality for you. I’ll help you by using a series of techniques that allow greater access to you unconscious mind than you’ve typically experienced in the past. 

Doing this deeper work will give us an understanding about how you ‘do‘ particular emotions and what effect these emotions have on your moods and everyday life.

I’ll work with you to release unhelpful emotional patterns, most often learned in early childhood, so you are free to create new patterns that serve you better.  The changes you experience as a result of this work are often instantaneous and can feel enormously healing and cathartic.

As part of this package, you’ll also benefit from a deep dive into the links between your lifestyle choices and your emotions.

The most common way to deal with emotional pain we’ve struggled to process in the past is to numb it out. Typically, this will mean you’ve developed habits such as over-eating, under-eating, drinking alcohol, shopping, sex or other behaviours that temporarily provide respite from whatever you’re feeling.

When you’re ready to replace these habits with more emotionally nourishing habits, we’ll work together to free you from limiting beliefs that might have held you back in the past so you’re able to step confidently into your new patterns and enjoy all the benefits they offer you.

Your package will be unique to you, based on the conversations we have and the experiences that have led you to this moment. The modalities and techniques I work with include hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and EFT, among others. These techniques help you gain access to the tranquility, presence, strength and resilience that is already inside you.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel stronger in yourself, have greater self-trust and feel able to face whatever life holds for you. You’ll feel proud of your ability to handle things calmly, talk to people honestly, set boundaries and ask for what you need.