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60-minute Retreats

What are 60-minute Retreats?

The purpose of retreats is to provide a break from everyday routines and patterns so we have a chance to re-evaluate things, gain or change perspective and strengthen ourselves in some way for the road ahead. 

We’d usually travel somewhere and spend at least 2 days taking part in specific activities, eating healthy food and nourishing our minds and bodies. Since Coronavirus lockdown, travel has been more difficult but creativity has never been greater and it’s from that creative epicentre that this idea was born.

60-minute retreats are at home retreats, practiced in the morning. You can create your own retreat using information you find on this site or on other sites that inspire you or you can join our Facebook group and attend one of our 60 minute retreats live.

What do 60-minute Retreats achieve?

Find Stillness

Have you ever noticed how your mind jumps from thought to thought while you jump from task to task? 

That happens less when you’re on a retreat and 60-minute retreats are no different. The first goal of these short retreats is to create space in your day for you to think, reflect and prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead of you.

In addition, it creates space in your mind – silent, calm space where you are free from the constant noise of judgement, ego and  expectation. It’s time to let go and be still.

Calibrate Mind, Body & Spirit

Living your life intentionally requires you to know what you want and have the skills required to ‘read the signs’ in your mind, body and environment so you can use that information to make decisions.

The 60-minute retreat helps calibrate your mind and body so they work as a team (Listen to the TEAM YOU podcast episode for more on this).

Enhance Mood and Energy

Generally speaking, you leave a retreat feeling better than when you arrived. Your mood and energy are lifted, you feel energised, revitalised and better able to focus.

The 60-minute retreat uses various combinations of videos, music, movement, discussion, reflection, food and drink to enhance your vitality and leave you feeling uplifted and ready for whatever challenge you’re about to face.

Resources to create your own 60-minute Retreat

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