Is it possible to become happier?

There is so much talk about happiness. You could probably fill the Grand Canyon a hundred times over with the books, news articles and social media posts on the subject and yet we don’t seem to be getting any happier so is it even possible? In this episode, I explore that question. It’s not much […]

How many ways are you being pulled?

Yesterday I was thinking about what “big happy life” is really about. Simply put, the bigness of my life got in the way of the happiness of my life and this is my way of making a conscious effort to change that and track my progress. As I was thinking about it, I remembered an […]

Your two selves: The experiencing self and the remembering self Are our memories accurate and how do they shape our choices? Answering these questions might help us shape our lives in ways that lead to greater happiness. Resources: Daniel Kahneman’s TED Talk  

Happiness, the universe and a slippery fish

Happiness is a slippery fish. This problem would almost be easier to solve if I meant that literally. At least we understand the properties of a slippery fish. We know what to expect so we can work out how to handle it. Happiness on the other hand, is, well, far slipperier. I’ve spent this week […]