5-Day Happiness Challenge – Day 5: Let Go

As someone who has battled depression for most of my life and an eating disorder for most of my adult life, I’m well versed in holding onto emotions, experiences, stories and perspectives that cost me my happiness. Since beginning my journey towards a happier life and becoming the kind of mental health role model for […]

Mental Health Time Management

I think I may have just discovered something very important about how I live my life. I’m a person who rarely stops. I don’t have time to waste. As a result, my life currently contains all of these things: Stained clothes. I don’t wear them because it’s too much of a faff to soak them. […]

How many ways are you being pulled?

Yesterday I was thinking about what “big happy life” is really about. Simply put, the bigness of my life got in the way of the happiness of my life and this is my way of making a conscious effort to change that and track my progress. As I was thinking about it, I remembered an […]